Thursday, 4 November 2010

Meet the maker...Helena Ross of Helix Glass

Helena Ross is based in Crowthorne, specialising in the use of glass in architectural panels and jewellery. Her company, Helix Glass, combines the artistic skills of design with the craftsman skills of modern glass working.

The owner and designer, Helena Ross says "I have always been interested in colour, and was first attracted to using glass by the way light spilled into buildings from stained glass. A visit to Coventry Cathedral inspired me to train in the art and the craft.”

Helena studied at degree level under Rodney Bender at the Swansea Institute from 2001- 2004, and this helped her develop a modern design style that is very effective in homes, public spaces and commercial buildings. Her main style is based on the interplay of graphic images operating in overlaid levels, and in addition to traditional techniques incorporates sandblasted and kiln-fired elements. The overall effect provides a three-dimensional impact, that changes as the light moves during the day, and as the viewer approaches the piece. “The aim is always to provide interest as different elements of the design are registered by the viewer as the eye traces the design. I hope people view the panels with positive thoughts, as I try hard to bring an underlying harmony to the work.” Helena also carries out commissioned work in a variety of styles from medieval through Art Deco to contemporary designs.

Helena also produces jewellery with the same fascination of colour and light. It is driven by the discovery of unusual combinations of textures, hues and patterns, aiming to provide lively pieces that shimmer in the light.

 You can see Helena's glass at the second show of Reveal on 2nd - 5th December 2010.