Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Meet the maker... Jami of JML pottery

Today Jami from JML pottery tells us more about her lovely pottery.

There are two things I have always known about myself. I am a practical person by nature and I have always loved making beautiful, useful things. These integral parts of who I am have led me to become a potter. The satisfaction I derive from creating something that can be enjoyed for its usefulness as well as its beauty keeps me working hard at the potter’s wheel, striving to continually achieve that balance in my work.

Intrigued by all things handmade, a ceramics course during university captured my attention. A visit to my ceramics professor’s house further opened my eyes to the beauty and simplicity of clay. In her kitchen, surrounded by all her own ceramic pots, dishes, cutlery and décor, I was mesmerised. I realised then that clay was the medium that could best fuse my practical and creative sensibilities. I have never looked back since.
A move to England after graduation gave me the opportunity to focus on this passion. I enrolled in the Level 3 City and Guilds ceramics course at Rosetta Studios and later went on to teach that same course. I later taught evening throwing classes at Lisa Hammond’s Maze Hill Pottery. After four years of learning and teaching, I set up my home ceramics studio to further develop my skill level and repertoire.

I make all my own glazes and slips from scratch. I throw everything and alter some items. Recently, I have been experimenting with use of coloured slip against lighter clay bodies. The interplay between the textural swirls and the body itself gives them an energy that I strive to achieve. See more here.